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Have you ever hired someone who was born in another country? What about someone who at one point lived abroad? Worked Internationally? Attended a foreign institution? Chances are, you may have, at some point, had someone with at least some aspect of a non-domestic history on your payroll. So did you conduct a background check that included the time they were abroad?

According to our 2013 Employment Screening Benchmarking report, 55% of survey respondents indicated that they recruited U.S.-based candidates with educational or employment experience in other countries. Of those who did, only 69% verified the foreign experience. Shouldn't these candidates be thoroughly vetted, just like their U.S. counterparts? 

Download our latest white paper, A World of Difference: Improving Your Screening Program with Global Background Checks, to explore:

  • The growing population of the foreign-born workforce
  • The importance of consistent hiring practices for all job candidates
  • The benefits of global background screening
  • The most common reasons employers do not check and expose themselves to risk
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